Dinner for Two at Tatu, Baltimore

The other day, hubs and I had a rare opportunity to sit down for an adults-only meal. We had free babysitting for a few hours, courtesy of my youngest’s therapy center (hooray for giving people). Date nights aren’t taken for granted around these parts – they get in where they fit in. It so happened that the night of our complimentary child care was the same day that I saw a Living Social deal for Tatu, a chic Asian spot in downtown Baltimore. I figured, perfect timing!

Inside shrimp tempura roll's mouth

Excited to chow down on some sushi with my 10-for-40 coupon, I began to mentally plot what I would order. Still smiling, I was quickly disappointed when I went to print my certificate and saw that it wouldn’t be ready for another 24-48 hours! Seriously? Grrrrr. Why don’t they say these things upfront before you press purchase? Gratefully, it was only $10. Living Social got lucky that day. Since I’d already made the reservations and we were short on time, we stayed with the plan, hoping that the food was good enough for a second visit. Thankfully, it was and I took some pics to share.

Bare with me – I’m still working on the photography skills. Dimly-lit restaurants are not easy for the amateur. Gucci high-tech camera donations/sponsorships are welcome for future food and travel shots. 😉

Unfortunately, I didn’t get a pic of our shrimp and chicken fried rice. The dish was tender and fragrant, although a little heavy on the sodium. We’re looking forward to our next visit and plan to explore more of the menu.

[Pics: Spicy cucumber salad, shrimp tempura sushi (hold the avocado), after-dinner cotton candy (hold the mints).]


  1. K Miller says

    This roll looks delicious! I have to check out this restaurant the next time I’m in Baltimore.

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