The 12-month program is broken down into monthly modules that form the basis of your online business development. Other features of the program include:

  • Private Accountability group
  • 2 group calls a month

At sign up we will schedule a 30-minute one-on-one call so that you can share where you are currently in your business. We'll also discuss your individual challenges.

Each module will be accompanied by either a video, audio, or worksheet to prepare you for our calls for the month.

Your pre-work includes:

  • A Business Questionnaire 
  • An Essential Reading List 
  • An Ideal Client Assessment (Customer Avatar Worksheet)


  • Module 1: Mindset and Making Time

    How you think and what you believe about yourself form the basis of your future success. We'll talk about this and how to fit in business development with your hectic life.

  • Module 2: Your Market and Your Ideal Customer

    You'll spend the time doing market research, identifying your competitors, defining your ideal customers and becoming informed on their behavior.

  • Module 3: Goal Setting, Strategies, Implementation, Execution

    Outline your goals, breaking them down in monthly chunks so that you can create a strategy, design a plan and execute.

  • Module 4: Websites, Blogs, Video and Social Media

    Once you know who your customer is and how she thinks, now it's time to create content to attract her. Optimize your blog, website, and social platforms to attract clients to you. Leverage content repurposing to save time sharing your message in multiple places online.

  • Module 5: Creating Your Freebie

    Learn about content marketing to sell without being sales-y. Create something of value to offer to your potential customers, website visitors, and social media audience for free.

  • Module 6: Building your Email List

    Set up your email system to capture new visitors to your website and social platforms. Develop your newsletter/email marketing strategy.

  • Module 7: Generating Sales

    Learn the art of making an offer, overcoming objections, and generating sales.

  • Module 8: Metrics and Analytics

    Learn about tracking, conversions, and sales so that you stay on target with your goals. Utilize the right tools and resources to help simplify this for your business.

  • Module 9: Systems, Outsourcing and Automation

    Set up systems in your business to stay consistent. Decide what to automate and what not. Learn about the power of outsourcing and identify where you can find the right people to work with.

  • Module 10: Self-Publishing

    Want to establish your authority quickly? Learn how to publish your own book based on your expertise.

  • Module 11: Pitching Yourself

    Identifying brands, publications, influencers and media to pitch your expertise. Whether it's guest posting, podcast interviews or sales, learn what to say and how to say it to get a yes.

  • Module 12: Advertising

    Pinpoint the exact platforms you should leverage and how to build your ads. Familiarize yourself with other offline avenues for marketing your products and services.

  • 60-minute Coaching and Consulting

    Once every two weeks we will meet for our call to discuss the month's topic, discuss the present state of your business, your activities, and your execution plans.

  • Private Facebook Community

    Community access for the duration of the program to ask questions, share your wins, and network with other small business owners.

This intensive 12-month program is exclusively designed for action-takers and implementers who trust the process of what it takes to establish a solid digital footprint, build authority, design a business, and create sales. 


One-time Payment
12 Equal Monthly Payments