• Consultation

    45-minute initial on-phone consult to discuss your vacation ideas, preferences, budget, desires.

  • Itinerary Planning

    You'll receive a highly customized and thorough itinerary which takes all the guess work and coordination off your hands.

  • Paperless Itinerary

    Your customized mobile-friendly itinerary will be delivered to you electronically to keep you organized with all bookings and confirmations in one place.

  • Saving Money on Family Travel

    You'll receive an electronic copy of Mom's Guide To Saving Money on Family Travel to learn money-saving tips for your next trip.

  • Packing List Cards

    You'll receive a special Mom's Guide To Travel Packing List Card to help you with your packing and organization.

  • 10% Discount on Future Travel

    As a valued customer you'll enjoy a 10% discount on your next Concierge Services OR a Moms Getaway vacation to help you save money for your next vacation.

You don't have to spend hours planning for your next vacation

Research, booking, organizing, and confirmations are taken off your hands. All you have to do is relax and show up for your trip.

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  • Ange Anglade, mother of three
    Traveling is my great escape where I can relax, regroup and be renewed. However, traveling with a large family can be extremely expensive, discouraging, and can prevent families from experiencing travel. Tawanna has helped me rediscover the joy of traveling with my family. She has been extremely helpful in allowing my family and I to continue to travel together, making the best choices that fit our budget and lifestyle.
    Ange Anglade, mother of three

Frequently Asked Questions

You may have some initial questions. We decided to go ahead and give you a couple of answers.

Question #1:

How does Concierge and Travel Planning Services save me Money?

Time is money. Travel planning for either an individual or family vacation takes more time than you think. The research, booking, and itinerary organization can take between 15 to 30 hours of your time. Think about the value of your time and what else you could do with those hours.

Question #2:

How are you different from a Travel Agent?

I don't work on commission. I treat your trip like it's my own. I focus on crafting an experience vs. booking a trip. I ask detail-oriented questions that help me get to the heart of who you are as a traveler. I also get into the minutia of your needs so that I can prepare a thorough highly-customized itinerary that feels as if you planned it yourself. 

  • Rani Robinson-Kiganda, Travel Channel
    Tawanna Browne Smith KNOWS what she's talking about. By watching how she travels with her family - near and far - she's given me, and therefore my family, inspiration to 'get out there.' Thank you Tawanna!
    Rani Robinson-Kiganda, Travel Channel

Plan My Vacation!

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