Starting The Journey

Money saving advice

Money Saving Advice For Family Travel

When I ask parents what their biggest obstacles are when it comes to being able to travel more, the common response is money. We understand and we can identify. Airfare costs … More

travel to NY

Travel Ideas In The United States

There are 50 states in this country. I’ve only been to half of them. How many states have you traveled to? As a U.S. citizen, even if you’re stuck on where to travel next, there’s … More

Travel to Meixco

Travel To Mexico And The Caribbean

My second trip out of the country was to the Caribbean. Toronto was my first cross-border experience but I don’t remember much from my terrible 2’s. Travel to many parts of the … More

London travel

Travel To London And Europe

We’ve ben traveling to Europe since 1994. I, in particular have an addiction to cities like London and Greece. There’s an excitement about planning a trip to a foreign country … More

Recent Adventures (Blog)

Travel To Athens: The Acropolis In Pictures

Yes, I said "breathtaking!" Some die-hard, anti-cliché travel writing grammar phoebe will cringe at my mention of the word "breathtaking" to describe my reaction to the Acropolis. … More